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Architectural design plays a vital role in order to build a decent house. It converts your vision into a project. So the vision is now actually a planned project. The design follows the project and goes through all the steps that were planned for the project. Thus you get what you were imagining. Have you ever thought that we could visualize our home before it’s built? Well, now it’s possible! Welcome to Evangel Architect. After making the layout, you will be able to see the specific floor plan of your home before even starting the construction. You get an idea of your house by observing the layout.

Apartment Renovation Services in Bangladesh

Apartment renovation is a service which remodels and makes your apartment better. The apartment renovation contains several processes like planning, rebuilding, repairing, finishing touches etc. Renovation gives a completely different appearance to an apartment. It brings some brighter changes to an apartment. You might want to change your apartment and move to a new one. The renovation will change your mind. It gives your house a new and modern look.

Architectural Design
in Bangladesh

Architectural design means a particular structure which shapes a building. It is the disciplined form of design. The design is very technical and well planned. Architectural design is made considering the space, site, purpose, etc. In Bangladesh, Most of the buildings are not well constructed. Many buildings are at risk because of poor architectural design. Evangel Architect Provides Best Architectural Design in Bangladesh. The best building design company in Bangladesh.

Best Construction Management

Construction management is a service with proper project management skill or technique which manages the planning, designing, and construction process of a project. It is needed from the beginning to the end of a project. Construction management works with all kind of project delivery system that includes Public Private Partnership. The primary goal of construction management in Bangladesh is controlling time, quality and cost of a project.

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Stand Out Interior Design in Bangladesh.

Many people do not design their interior to save money. They consider it as an extra cost. Unfortunately, they realize the truth when they make some disasters which spoil the interiors. Then somehow they try to fix it and make more mistakes. It costs heavily in their pocket. In fact, they spend more amount than an interior designer costs. Indeed the designer charges less and they do work according to rule. They do not over furnish your room; they keep balance among all the furniture. Designers are not cluttered bugs so they will not make the interior over cluttered which are possible if you do the design! Quality matters the most. Interior design depends on the quality materials. It chooses the suitable and long lasting materials for your home. Anyone feels better around good quality materials where the poor material’s case is entirely opposite. Among the quality materials, natural is the best. The design focuses on the decent quality materials rather than concentrating on expensive materials.

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Urban Planning in

Urban planning is the process which aims at the proper use of land, protection of the environment, the welfare of citizens, improving transportation service and communication system. It’s a very practical process. Urban planning transforms the vision of a better city to the reality. The visions will be collected from the people as well as the government. Urban planners make the vision more attractive, clear and detailed. According to the vision and adding some more actions make the city better. Urban planning ensures proper use of assets and characteristics of every community. Urban planning coordinates the places, economic distribution and it facilitates investments which help to improve economic condition.

Exterior Design in

Exterior designs are needed to maintain a balance between the exterior and interior design. If one matches another, you get a perfect house. Exterior design is the process of creating a charming environment outside of the house. It affects the exterior part of a house. The part includes roof, façade etc. Though interior and exterior designs have similarities, exterior design is more complicated. Interior designs are finished within a specific area. On the other side, exterior designs are done in a vast area. Exterior designers don’t have the full control over the area as it relies on the natural environment too. Evangel Architect provides Best Exterior Design in Bangladesh.

Office Interior Design in

The office interior design explains the type of business that is. If the interior of your office is poorly designed and not up to date, the clients or customers will not be keen to deal with you anymore. Besides, a well-designed and organized office will impress the client and they will be looking forward to making a deal with you again. Therefore, the design is linked to the success of your company. The interior design of your office makes the environment suitable for works. In Bangladesh, Evangel Architect ensures excellent office Interior design to their clients, which is more professional design than any other company. You can also visit Evangel Interior for more info and quotation.

Top Rated Kitchen Cabinets Design in Bangladesh.

Evangel Architect provides different types of kitchen cabinets like stock cabinets, Semi-Custom cabinets, Custom cabinets, Framed cabinets, Frameless cabinets, Base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, cabinet doors, cabinet drawers. When selecting kitchen cabinets for a new home or remodeling project, we recommend that you start with cabinet type. While the colors, doors, and materials will drive the kitchen’s style, the type of cabinetry will determine not only the budget but also how well your space is used. Modern kitchen enhances the beauty of your home. It also increases the value of your house. Kitchen cabinets do not only beautify the look, but they also give you enough space to put materials there. Kitchen cabinet design helps you to create a perfect kitchen in your home.

Landscape Design in

Landscape design is an art to designing an area with natural and cultural touch. It is an independent profession. Landscape design combines various elements to make a beautiful environment. Proper landscape design makes sure the outdoor living a pleasing experience. Evangel Architect offers Best Landscape designs in Bangladesh.

Master plan Design in

The master plan helps you to achieve your ambition. It doesn’t make your property look different than you thought. It will not give you a property with half of the look you were aiming for. You will get your desired property which is aesthetic and well builds. For more information about the master plan design, contact Evangel Architect.

Office Decoration Service in

Evangel Architect provides interior design and decoration services in offices and corporate houses. Office decoration is very essentially important for an office to look better and maintaining the decent environment. In our country office decoration should be done by experts so that employees can have a sound experience in the office.