Office Renovation Services in Bangladesh

Office renovation is quite necessary if there is growing commercial or business activities. Because workplace renovation gives a new look to the internal atmosphere. And new look of an office encourages the workers for their working and productivity. Evangel Architect Famous for providing Office Renovation Services in Bangladesh.

Why should one consider about Office Renovation Services in Bangladesh?

Office renovation process is stressful and it also costs money and time. However, the result of office renovation is very beneficial as it increases productivity and courage of workers. The considerable things of office renovation are as follows-

Too many workers but not enough desks for them: If your business is on the way of growing then you normally need more workers or employee at your office, company or firm. Then the first thing will come to your mind is that “where will you place all of them?”. This is why one needs to renovate his commercial area. So, for installing more desk at the office one must need the help of a specialist designer because space management is very important for commercial area and a designer has an advanced knowledge of space management.

Outdated furnishing, lighting and technology: Furniture, technology and lighting has a power to give any internal space a modern look. To maintain a modern look and impress the client, updated furniture and lighting is essential. So, if your office internal furniture, lighting and technology is outdated then you must think about the renovation of your office. Updated and modern office is must be needed for developing your business. And outdated office environment creates a bad impression on clients mind and it is bad for any business.

Wear and tear signs of the walls, floor and ceiling: Wear and tear walls, floors and ceiling makes the internal and external atmosphere sick. If the office internal environment gets sick then the productivity will be decrease as the workers mind will get sick. And sick mind cannot complete any work properly. So, if you will see the wear and tear sign in the walls and floors then you should immediately renovate it for your betterment. You can use new color carpet on the floor and will help you to bring a change in internal environment. And you also can paint the walls with new color matching with other material as soon as possible. And it will give your office a modern look.

If you see the 3 signs of your office then it will be better for you to renovate your office. Otherwise you will face many problem and hamper your own productivity.

Some tips for office renovation or remodeling on a budget

Once you are determined to remodel your workplace then you may face some problems because office renovating is a tough and stressful process. Now I’m going to tell you some tips that will help you to complete the renovating process easily and within a short period of time.

Determine your goal: It is very important to determine ones goal or target for renovating the office. First select the purpose of the renovation. What do you want to achieve by renovating the office? You want to use your office during the renewal process? Or just shift the office somewhere else for a while? Once you plan for the renovation process then it will be very easy for you to complete your work as early as possible.

Determine your starting point: One should first determine that from what point he/she want to start the renovation. And selecting the starting point helps to run the process in an organized way.

Prepare for the worst: For any renovation, it is better to keep 10% extra budget than what you expected to spend. Because you never know what will occur next or which sector you spend more. And it is very obvious to spend money for emergencies what we don’t expect. So, one should always prepare for the worst. And keeping money for the emergencies will help you to complete the renovation process smoothly and early.

Decide that “what you want and what you need”: If it is necessary to install or bring desks for the growing workers then first thing you should consider that how many desk is very necessary? Then budget for those desks and if there have enough space in office then one should bring more desks. Bringing more desk will help ones to reduce the future renovation cost for the future growth of employee. Bringing extra desk maybe not on a budget but it will reduce the future cost of renovation.

Make sure the reuse of a thing if it is possible: In renovation process, it is very obvious to bring new furniture or electrical thing. So, to reduce the extra cost of money one can reuse things if possible and matched with the new design. Or if it is not possible to reuse it then one can sell it instead of throwing. And selling a thing will generate money that will be very helpful for the renovation process. But one should not exchange furniture with old something. But if the renovation budget is quite low then you can exchange or buy old things but you must be very careful before buying those things and one must check every feature of the old things. And one can also bring new furniture on rent it he/she has not enough money for buying. One can reuse things by coloring, polishing and mending. For avoiding extra expenses one must reuse or recycle things.

Enhance the office internal charm: Since the main purpose of renovation process is to give a new look or modern look to the office so, one must design or plan for the renovation in order that it gives the office a modern look and make it more attractive than before. For growing internal charm or beauty one can buy house furniture. And it will also save money as well as enhance the internal beauty, because house furniture costs low comparing with the office furniture and looks attractive.

Make the windows more functional: If you are sure or ready to make the windows more functional then replace them. And can install large energy-efficient windows, it enhances the rooms beauty as well as good for the room’s people in short, this windows are safe and healthier. Because energy-efficient windows reflect the harmful UV ratings and allow the healthy sunlight to get in. It may cost little more than simple windows but it is very safe. And it also reduces the electricity bill as it allows more natural light to get in.

Improve the Lighting: Since, the main purpose of renovation is to give a new look of anything so if you are renovating your office then you must improve the lighting. Because lighting has the power of visualizing something. So, if the lighting is not so good then your whole office design will fail to visualize on people’s eyes. Wall lamps are not as useful as energy-efficient bulbs. It looks good as well as electricity saving.

Painting or art on the wall: Wall painting is very popular for its dramatic look. You can use light color painting to create a personality in office.

Be choosy: Choose things wisely. For reducing the cost, you may work on yourself if possible, paint the wall instead of redesigning and hire a student of architectural designing background instead of a professional designer.

Learn from others: You can also gather office renovation ideas from online. It is a great scope to create your office design by yourself. And designing by yourself will also help you to save the cost.

Above were some tips about “how can you renovate your office on budget”. Hope it will be helpful for you to remodel your office interior environment.