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Evangel Architects Ltd. is an architectural company in Bangladesh. We provide building design in Bangladesh also Architectural Design, 3d Visualization, Project Master Plan, Landscape Design, Project Management, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Duplex House Design!


Architectural Building Design in Bangladesh

Building architectural is a very sensitive work. We are the best building design service company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The design is both noun and verb. The design is an activity, a process, so it is considered a verb. The design is a process of creating a plan for the desired end. As the output of a design is a thing, therefore it is also called the noun. In brief, design means the making of a plan to achieve the target and satisfy the requirements. The output of the designing process is a clear reflection of those target or goal and requirements. And architecture means the art and science of designing a building and non-buildings structures. It also means the designing method of construction of buildings and other physical structures. So, architectural building design in Bangladesh is a concept that unifies all the components or elements of a system or structure for achieving the objectives under the given constraints or limitations.

Construction technology: Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and process that is used in the production of goods and services or in accomplishing the objectives. And construction is the process of constructing a building or non-building structure. Every building or architecture needs a unique set of design criteria concerning the intended functions, performance, and fine arts. And construction technology makes these design solution real.

Elements and principles of architectural design: Any kind of design like high level, low level or detailed design is required to follow some basic elements and principles. Otherwise, the planned design will fail to achieve its goal.

Designing elements are the basic unit of any visual design. So, an architectural building design in Bangladesh also has some elements or materials that must be followed by any designer for making a design. Briefly, the elements are described below-

1. Color: Color plays the most important role in making any design successful. The color theory provides a body of practical guidance of mixing a color and the visual impacts of the specific color. It also creates a hierarchy of the piece of art. Color choice also changes the meaning of cultural contexts. For example- some culture believes that white color is the sign of purity while in other cultures, white is associated with death. Values, tints, and shades of color that is created by adding black or white color make the design more attractive. Shade is made by adding black and tints is created by adding white color. The brightness and dullness make the color more vibrant than before.

2. Line: Line is probably the most fundamental element of art. It can be defined by a point moving in space. It is usually the starting place for artistic creation. Lines can be any width or texture, also can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved. And it also can be continuous or broken.

3. Shape: When two or more dimensional area that stands out from the space next to or around it due to a defined or implied boundary is called shape. There are three kinds of shapes. Mechanical, geometric and organic shape. Mechanical and geometric shapes are drawn by using a ruler or compass. Mechanical shapes are simple or complex and it produce a control or order feeling. In the other hand, organic shapes are drawn in free hand. Organic shapes are complex and it usually found in nature. Thus, it produce a natural feeling.

4. Texture: Texture means a surface. For making any element interesting or attractive, texture can be added. And it depends on the pleasantness of the texture that how much it makes the element interesting.

5. Space: Space is concerned with the area where the design will take place. Space is most important for visualizing any design perfectly. Space concern with creating the illusion of a third dimension on a flat surface. Shading of design makes an object of a two dimensional surface seems three dimensional. Highlight, transitional light, core of shadow, reflected light and cast shadow also give a design three dimensional look.

6. Form: Any three-dimensional object may be defined as form. The form can be defined by light and dark. It also defined by the presence of shadow on the surface. It can be measured from top to bottom means height, side to side means width and from back to front means depth. A form is two types such as geometric that is made by man and organic that is found naturally. By combining two or more shapes, a form may be created.

Principles of architectural design

Principles bring all the elements of design into one design. The success of the architectural design depends on how one applies the principles. The principles of architectural design that must be followed by an architect or a designer is given below-

• Unity: The main principle of design is to unify the agreement elements. The whole design is more attractive and important than the individual parts of it. A good balance between unity and variety must be needed for a successful design. A designer or architect must have these qualities for making a design unique.

  1. Must have the sense of distance between elements.
  2. Must have the ability to seem repeatable with another element.
  3. Must have the sense of extending a line or pattern.
  4. Must maintain the rhythm between position, size, color and other elements.

• Hierarchy: A good designing elements lead the reader through each element, according to its significance. The type and images should be expressed from most important to the least important.

• Scale: Relative size of elements against each other is needed for attracting the attention to a central point of the design. A scale is used to show drama when elements are designed larger than life.

• Dominance: By contrasting size, position, color, and shape a dominance is created. Without sacrificing the unity of the whole and with scale and contrast, the central point of the design should be dominated.

• Similarity and contrast: For making the focal point visible, a designer should plan for similar design. It is the most important task of an architect designer. Too much similarity is boating but a little similarity is important. Because, without similarity, important elements will not exist. And without contrast design, the structure looks uneventful. So, it is the most important task for a designer to maintain the balance between similarity and contrast.

If an architect designer will gather much knowledge about the elements and principles of architectural design then he/she can surely make a successful design.

An architectural drawing is a technical drawing of a building design or a building project. Architects usually use the architectural drawings for a number of purposes such as to develop a design, to convince clients of the merits of a design, for making a record of their work. Some conventions must be followed by a designer for making an architectural drawing or design. These conventions are the floor plan, site plan, elevation, cross section, isometric and econometric projection etc. Normally drawings are made in ink on paper or similar materials by hand. Architectural drawings are drawn with scale, because of representing the relative size correctly. One should think and plan for the structure by using proper elements before drawing any architectural design. Before making any constructional design, one should think about the social value of the design. An architect designer should consider the culture and fashion before making any design.

How to improve architectural designing skill?

Without practicing there is no alternative way to improve the designing skill. So, if you want to improve your architectural designing skill then you must gather more knowledge about this, research more about this topic and you also must have a creative mind because everyone wants a unique concept and a unique concept only comes from a creative mind. And the most important thing for making an architectural is one must have enough knowledge about the conventions of architectural design. Without knowing about the conventions, a person can never be able to create a successful design.

Importance of Architectural Design in Bangladesh

Without making architectural design or building design some early design work, one cannot surely predict the project cost, schedule, and quality. Architectural design in Uttara also helps to choose tools, skills, technologies for doing the work. Many people don’t want to invest in architectural building design in Bangladesh. Because they don’t have any idea about the benefits of architectural design. If one doesn’t make any architectural design for the target structure then he will unable to maintain the sprint velocity because he cannot easily respond to the requested change. So, every construction needs an architectural design to make the building unique. When we plan for a design, we must think about the design’s social value, environmental value, gender-based value, economic value, traditional value and the novel value. Because without this value no design and construction can achieve its target or goal.

After reading this article, hope you gain a basic knowledge of architectural design and its importance for our everyday life. If one wants to give any structure an amazing, unique and modern look then architectural design must be needed. If you make a List of Bangladeshi architects for Architectural Design in Dhaka, Obviously Evangel Architects Ltd. is the best Architectural firm in Bangladesh.