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Exterior Design

Exterior means external or Outdoor. So, external design means any construction or building of outdoor design. Exterior design offices and buildings in Bangladesh are very important for A. An architect not only builds foundations, walls, roof-tops, floors, etc., but they also ensure better places for us to live or work. Each design has an impact on humans, so before we choose a design for our workplace or place of residence, we must think about its impact on humans.

Everyone wants a house that will look specified and modern. But due to a lack of knowledge design, many fail to get a modern home. Choosing a design is very important for having a modern house. Whether large or small, whatever the size of the house, some rules have to be followed for modern external appearance.  Otherwise, a healthy thing can not be stepped up and satisfied. Such as

Design: Modern home depends mainly on external design and the design focuses on technology. The use of modern technology is essential to give the modern look of a house. The essential materials for a modern home are the use of traditional concrete, steel and glasses.

Function: Function is the most important thing to design a modern house.  Before you create a great design to fulfill your dreams, you first have to think “What do you really need first?”. It is the best way to build or build a modern house. And another important thing is that the interior design depends entirely on the external design. So, choose the function very carefully before planning.

External color combination: Anyone can choose a color according to his taste or his will. But before choosing a color, make sure it fits. It is appropriate to decide how many colors it will have, or whether it is light color or dark. Because they have a huge impact on the emergence of a design.

Light up your home: Light is the most important thing in a house. The house may look dull without lighting up. Choosing the wrong light for your home can also dull your home’s internal and external environment. So, if you want to give the modern look of your home, you must use the perfect light. The lights commonly used in modern design are pin lights, up lights, wall lamps, spotlights, lights with submerged lights, etc. Lighting can also be chosen according to the style of the house.

Windows: Windows is like the soul of the house. Windows is always complemented with external design.  Window glasses with mainly aluminum framing are used in modern homes. And some use wood instead of aluminum. But one must consider these things before choosing a window for your modern home. First, the windows you have chosen must be sustainable. Secondly, one should consider whether the window design matches the style of the house completely and the last thing is the length of the window. If you want more natural light, floor-to-ceiling windows are better and windows must have the ability to protect against UV ratings. Large window glasses are used in most modern homes.

Home appliances and textures: It is very difficult to choose external materials in cider, single, vinyl, siding, aluminum, bricks, wood, stucco, or steel. You can easily choose an element that will reflect your personal style. But you must strike a balance between sustainability and aesthetics. But before finalizing any material or design you must consult an accomplished designer for a suggestion and plan a modern exterior design.  And that’s why we’re there to help you all the best.

Choose a proper roof: It is mandatory to select a sustainable roof.  You need to choose roof material first to make sure your home can carry the load.

Door or Entryway: The door is a very important thing for a house or building. Because this is the entrance to the office or house. This is something that is noticed by all. And it’s on the front, whether it’s an office or a house. The beauty of a house largely depends on its door or entrance.

Landscaping Design: Landscaping is essential for giving a home a modern look. Because landscaping makes the entire house design more attractive. Choosing a plant for your landscape is not quite something and a wrong plant for your landscape can change the style and entire design of your home.

If you want to have a modern home, you must consider all those things that are essential for modern homes. Otherwise, if there is a mistake, in this case, the beauty of the house will be disturbed.

Office materials and textures: It is difficult to choose materials outside the office. But you must balance sustainability and aesthetics when choosing materials for outside the office. While selecting materials also remember that this design will reflect your personal style. So, it is vital to consult an accomplished designer to make office design unique and avoid expensive mistakes.  And you can get that benefit from us.

Since the office is a workplace and many clients come here, the office should be done keeping the client in mind while designing it. Office or commercial design must be designed with a view to impressing clients and employees.

Architect Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Architect Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Architect Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh