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Landscape Design in Bangladesh

Landscape design: Landform, vertical structure, horizontal structure, plants, water and climate are elements of the landscape. When outdoor space is arranged together by these six elements, it is called landscape design. Landscape design and landscape architecture are quite the same. Landscape architecture is a profession where an architect works for garden design, landscape design and landscape planning. Landscape design is the only way to make the outdoor space and environment attractive.

Landscape design type: Landscape design is huge popularity these days.  Now there are different types of landscape designs.

  1. Hardscape: Hardscape means any kind of masonry or woodwork. The ingredients used in hardscape design are concrete, bricks, stones, wood and metal.
  2. Soft scape: Any type of plant is the main component of soft-scape design. Any Interior or Exterior design can be used to enhance the beauty of hardscapes and soft-scapes. So, hardscape and soft-scape landscape are two main types of design.

Landscape Plan: Landscapeplanning is not a difficult task to plan but the things below must be considered before planning landscape design.

Think more about government products than about personal products. The design scale should be large and long in duration. If you plan a landscape design in Bangladesh considering this thing, you must be able to create extra beauty outside your home or office.

Interior Landscape Design: Interior landscaping is very popular at present. Almost everyone likes internal landscaping. Those who love gardening but cannot build gardens outside the house due to unspaced reasons practice indoor landscaping more.

Most apartments do not have enough space for landscaping. For this reason, internal landscaping is becoming more popular day by day. Can also create a focal point by doing internal landscaping. But the interior style of the house should be considered before choosing the plant for indoor landscaping. One should think “Are plants suitable or match the style of the house? Or what kind of plant would match the style of the house completely?”. Greenlight can be used in indoor landscaping areas and indoor landscaping or plant-scaping can create a pleasant environment.

Landscape design for small spaces: If you have small spaces, you can practice landscapes like larger ones, but the design should be created in an organized way and must create an idea about multi-use things or space. Here are some tips that will help you create a good landscape design for small spaces.

  1. Planning for multiple focal points: The main problem with small space landscaping is that they don’t create focal points or think they need large space to create a focal point. This is why they usually fail to make small spaces attractive. One can create a lot of small focal points to make the place even more surprising.
  2. Make a design in inches, not on the feet: since the space is small the inch measurement floor plan should be made. This will help you install many things in the same place next to you which will be able to make the place more attractive.

 Effectively using color: You can use bright colors to visualize the design Because the combination of colors is very effective for landscape design.

Create a layer for plant growth: many layers of space can be used, where many small plants can grow. This is the most popular idea these days. But keeping a plant vertically is more effective than horizontal.

 Landscape design concept at the front of the house: If you want to get public attention, the attractive courtyard ahead is the only way. If there is enough space in front of your house, you must plan to landscape. You have to take care and think about how to enhance the beauty of the front courtyard. Such as

  • All kinds of seasonal plants should be kept. So that the environment in front of your house is beautified throughout the year. You have to make a walk. Because a garden without a walkway will look like a painting. In fact, a walkway is an integral part of a garden. The color of gardens or plants is also prominent. This too has to be done in line with the house.
Architect Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Architect Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Architect Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh