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Renovation Work

Apartment Renovation in Bangladesh

Apartment renovation is quite a difficult task than making a home. Because the space of an apartment is quite small so, one must plan for the renovation design very carefully to make all the rooms design amazing, comfortable and healthier. However, you can finish this task perfectly if you follow some necessary steps. Because these tips will help you to make a perfect design for renovation. But before taking the decision of renovation one should consider about that “how much months or years he/she is going to stay there?”. If he/she is going to stay there more than 5 years then he can plan for the renovation process. Because renovation for short period of time is just a waste of money.

Some considerable matter for an Apartment Renovation in Bangladesh

Think about “what you really want by the renovation”: One should think first that what he/she want to achieve from the renovation. And what part he/she want to renovate. If one wants to change the whole design of the apartment then he/she should plan very carefully. Because sometimes, only the change of color can change the whole design. You can also change the design of the apartment and give a new look or modern look by changing the carpet, lighting, and color.

Take enough time to design: Once you decide for the renovation then you must take enough time for planning the design. And make sure your design is the perfect match for your style and taste. And complete the apartment renovation process on your budget you must take the suggestion from an architect because he/she will give you the best design ideas according to your taste in your budget.

Check planning permissions: You need to take planning permission from the department of your local authority when your renovation project area is more than 40sq m. If you will start your renovation work without taking planning permission it may create the problem in future while you will want to sell the apartment.

Secure financing: If you don’t have enough cash for completing the process then you can take the mortgage loan from banks which bank provides that type of loan. But before taking the loan be sure that the interest is in your budget.

Choose a complaint builder: The only way to find a complaint builder is CIF (Construction Industry Federation). CIF provides all the database of a builder. From there you can easily choose a complaint builder. And a complaint builder is very important for apartment renovation because they will work according to your instruction and also give their best to make the design seems good if you behave friendly with them.

Choose an expert designer or architect: An expert designer is essential if you want a modern an amazing design of your apartment at your taste. Because only a knowledgeable architect knows how to give a design modern look or how to convert one’s taste or style into a good design.

Kitchen and bathroom renovation: Kitchen and bathroom are the most important place in a house because we cannot imagine a day without kitchen and bathroom. When you are going to renovate your apartment, you must need to renovate your kitchen and bathroom also to make both the place comfortable for you.

Below are some tips for the renovation of kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen renovation tips: Since the kitchen is the most happening place of a house so the design for the kitchen must be comfortable for movement. If the kitchen space is small then you must plan for it very carefully as it will be comfortable as well as seem modern or stylish. In a kitchen, one must need some space for storage for keeping necessary and frequently used things. Frequently used things must be placed beside the cooktop for getting things easily when you need. A light color is best suited to kitchen room. And the most important thing is surface. One must choose a surface that will be easy to clean and safe for movement. Keep space for putting kid’s favorite dishes and snakes where they can easily reach.

Bathroom renovation tips: There are many tips you can follow for remodeling your bathroom. They are as follows-

  • Layout or design: For a comfortable and functional bathroom, a right design is very important. One must consider first that what features the bathroom he/she need first or most. Then design a floor plan.
  • Bathroom surface: Tiles is perfect for bathroom surface because the surface of tiles adds an extra beauty to a bathroom. However, you must choose a tiles design that will be perfectly matched with your house style.
  • Lighting: In the bathroom, you just need a clear light as well as a light which also have the power to relax you. So, you can use soft LED light in a bathroom.
  • Storage space: There also has some materials that are needed to keep in a bathroom so one must consider the storage space while planning for the bathroom.
  • Fixtures and fittings: One must use smart fixtures and fittings for making the bathroom amazing, modern and stylish.
  • Vanity and basin: Every bathroom needs a sink. Before choosing any sink design you must consider that “Is the design of the sink is matched with the other things of the bathroom?”.
  • Color: Most people prefer to use white color for bathroom. Because the color has the power to keep the environment calm and feel relax.

If the bathroom area is large then the above criteria will help you most with designing a modern bathroom. But if space is small then you should consider that “what is necessary for the bathroom for you?”. You should only install the most necessary things in a small bathroom. And you can also give a small bathroom a modern touch with the help of an architect.

I hope above discussion will help you, if you are planning for an apartment renovation. And if you consider the above matters then you will surely get success in this renovation process.

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