Exterior Design in Bangladesh

Exterior means external. So, exterior design means the external design of any construction or building. Exterior design is also known as Architecture. Architecture is a process by which space is defined and created for a specific purpose. Exterior design in Bangladesh is very important for office and building. An architect not only builds a structure like walls and so many, they also ensure a better place for our living or working. Every design has an impact on people, so before choosing any design for our workplace or living area, we must think about its impact on people.

The exterior design has 3 basic elements- the floor, the walls or vertical elements and the ceiling. And these three elements together create an interior space. Interior design is also important but a perfect exterior design must be needed.

Make the exterior design attractive one should emphasize on the design of the door and walkway.

Everyone wants a house or home that will look modern. But for lack of designing knowledge, many people fail to have or get a modern house. Choosing a design for having a modern home and that will match with the surroundings, is a complicated task. For novice designer, it is very tough to choose color, materials, balancing shape and lines. An only expert designer has the good understanding of color, materials, balancing shape and lines.

Now I am going to tell you some tips that must be required for giving a home or house a modern look. Large or small whatever the size of the house, it must need to follow these rules for the modern exterior look.

The design: Modern house basically based on the exterior design. And the design focuses on the technology. The use of modern technology is being essential for giving a house modern look. The materials that are essential for a modern house is- the use of stereotypical concrete, steel, and glasses.

The function: Function is the most important thing to be considered for designing a modern house. Before creating a great design to fulfill your dream you must think first “what you really need first?”. If one designs his house according to the function, his lifestyle and taste then the design will be successful. So, everything should be functional. And it is the best way to make or build a modern house. And another important thing is, the interior design totally depends on the exterior design. So, one should choose the function very carefully before making a plan.

Exterior color combination: Usually neutral colors are used with bright bold accents for giving anything modern look. Pastel colors are not usually used in modern decoration. But anyone can choose a color according to his taste or his wish. But before choosing any color, make sure that they are complementary to each other and well-balanced. The shades or tints of the same color or the lighter or the darker shade also gives a design modern look.

Light up your home: Lighting is the most important thing of a house. Without lighting the house may look dull. And choosing wrong lighting for your home can also make your homes internal and external atmosphere dull. So, if you want to give your home modern look then you must use good lighting. The lights that are usually used in the modern design are- pin lights, up lights, wall lamps, spotlights, lights with dimmers etc. And lighting will be also chosen according to the style of the home.

Windows: Windows are like the soul of the homes. Windows are always complementing with the exterior design. Mainly window glasses with aluminum framings are used in modern houses. And some use wood instead of aluminum. But before choosing a window for your modern house one must consider these things. Firstly, the windows you have chosen must be durable. Secondly, one should consider that the design of the windows is perfectly matched with the style of the home. And the last thing is the length of the windows. If you want more natural light then floor-to-ceiling windows are better and the windows glasses must have the power to protect from the UV rating. Most of the modern houses use large window glasses.

House materials and texture: It is very difficult to choose the exterior materials between cedar, shingles, vinyl, siding, aluminum, brick, wood, stucco or steel. You can easily choose a material that will reflect your personal style but you must create a balance between durability and aesthetics. But before finalizing any material or design you must consult a skilled designer for a suggestion and plan for a modern exterior design.

Choose a right roof: Choosing a durable roof is obligatory. Before choosing roof material to be sure that your home can carry the load. The considerable things about selecting a roof are- cost, durability, weight and the style of your home.

Doors or entryway: Making the front door amazing you can use two shades or tints from the same color strip. Lighter or darker shade makes the door style more attractive. It is best to select a darker or bolder shades than the rest of your home.

Landscaping is essential for exterior design: Landscaping is essential for giving a house modern look. Because landscaping makes the whole house design more attractive. It is quite difficult to select a plant for your landscape. So, I will suggest you research more about the landscaping or can get ideas from a greenhouse staff because they have more knowledge about it. And a wrong plant for your landscaping can change your homes style and the whole design.

If you want to have a modern house then you must consider all those things that are essential for the modern house. Choosing a wrong material can change your homes whole design and make it less attractive.

Office Exterior Design in Bangladesh

Design of anything of your surrounding expresses your taste and style. So, we should very careful while selecting a design for our workplace. Because the design of workplace or office has a great impact on the client. A good and modern design can easily draw the attention of the client and leave a permanent impression on them. So, I want to tell you something that will help you to give your office a modern and attractive look.

Choose the best windows: The windows for a commercial property must be durable. And if one wants to give his office or commercial place a modern look then the large windows from floor up to the ceiling is best. Or if one wants to maintain a traditional look in commercial place then he can install rectangle white-paned windows. Before choosing any kind of windows one should consider that the window must be durable and aesthetically alluring.

Understand the impact of light: Soft white light is best for any commercial place or office. Because the soft white light enhances the beauty of design or decoration.

Office materials and texture: It is difficult to choose materials for office exterior. But while choosing materials for office exterior you must maintain the balance between durability and aesthetics. While choosing materials also remember that this design will reflect your personal style. So, making the office design unique and avoiding the costly mistakes one must consult a skilled designer.

Create a cohesive area: It is very important to choose a design in which an office or commercial area look like all material belongs together. It is difficult to choose a material and arrange them together but if once you are successful in this task then you will be able to give your office an extraordinary look.

Color combination: For making the exterior design successful, colors play the most important role. If you fail to choose a perfect color that goes with your style then your whole design will look so dull or damn. Choosing a color for office is the most important task. It’s easy to choose the color for our homes because we usually use our favorite color at home but we cannot use our favorite color at the office because everyone wants to give their office a professional look.

Use landscape: Use plants in front of the office. Plant enhance the beauty of any exterior design.

Lighting: The effects of lighting on external design is most. Perfect lighting shows the actual design and makes the place attractive.

As the office is one’s workplace and here come many clients to deal with so the main purpose of office design should be to empress the client. So, the office or commercial design must be designed for impressing client and employee.