Landscape Design in Bangladesh

Landscape design: Landform, vertical structures, horizontal structures, vegetation, water, and climate are the elements of the landscape. When these six elements are arranged together for making the outdoor space looking good then it’s called landscape design. Landscape design and landscape architecture are quite same. Landscape architecture is a profession where an architect works for garden design, landscape design, and landscape planning. For making the outside area attractive, landscape design is the only way.

Types of landscape design: Nowadays the popularity of landscape design is huge. Because it adds an extra attractiveness of any exterior design. There have different types of landscape design.

They are as follows-

1. Hardscape: Hardscape means any type of masonry or woodwork. The elements that are used in hardscape design are- concrete, brick, stone, wood, and metals. The landscape project that uses this material is usually considered as hardscaping or hardscape project. Hardscape designs are cover with pools, patios, retaining walls, pergolas, paths, walkway, and fences.

2. Soft-scape: The living and horticultural elements of landscape design are considered as soft-scape. Any kind of plants are the main elements of soft-scape design.

Landscape Design in Bangladesh

Interior landscape vs Exterior landscape or commercial vs residential landscaping: It means landscape design of an internal and external environment or place. For enhancing the beauty of any internal or external design hardscape and soft-scape can be used. So, hardscape and soft-scape are two main types of landscape design.

Landscape planning: Planning for landscaping is not a difficult task but before planning for landscape design one must consider the below things-

1. One must think more about the public goods than private goods.

2. The design must be larger in scale and longer in duration.

If you plan a landscape design in Bangladesh by considering this thing then you must be able to create an extra beauty outside your home or office.

Interior landscape design: Interior landscaping usually known as the practice of planting and taking care of plants of the enclosed environment. At present interior, landscaping is very popular. Almost everyone prefers for interior landscaping. Those who are very fond of gardening but cannot create the garden outside the home because of small space, they practice interior landscaping more.

Most of the apartment doesn’t have enough space for landscaping, for this reason, interior landscaping becoming more popular day by day. One can also create a focal point by doing interior landscaping. But before choosing the plant for interior landscaping one should consider the homes internal style. One should think “Do the plants suitable or match the home’s style? or what kind of plants will perfectly match with the style of the homes?”. One can also use green light at the at the internal landscaping area. And interior landscaping or plant-scaping create a pleasant environment.

Landscape Design in Bangladesh – Landscape Design 3D projects

Landscape design for small space: If you have small space then you can also practice landscape like lager space but you should create the design in an organized way and must create ideas about multi-use things or space. Here are some tips that will help you to create a better landscape design for small space.

1. Plan for multiple focal points: The main problem of small space landscaping is they don’t create the focal point or think that they need large space for creating a focal point and for this reason they usually fail to make small space attractive. One can create many tiny focal points for making the place more surprising.

2. Make a design in inches, not in feet: Since space is small so one should create floor plan measuring inches. It will help you to install many things at the same place beside you will be able to make the place more attractive.

3. Brings high-quality materials: There are many companies who create or discover newer and newer materials especially for small space, indoor and outdoor landscaping. Using high-quality materials is better for any kind of landscaping. But before buying any materials for landscaping, make sure that it will be matched with other materials of your home.

4. Use color effectively: For visualizing the design of the area you can use the bright color. Because bright color things appear first to the eyes.

5. Create a layer for growing plants: One can use horizontally or vertically many layers of space where many small plants can grow. Nowadays it is the most popular concept. But keeping a plant on vertically is more effective than horizontal.

This may help you to create a design for landscaping area but if you want an extraordinary and surprising landscape then you should research more or get the suggestion from a landscape designer.

Landscape design ideas in front of the house: If you want to draw the attention of public then attractive front yard is the only way. If there is enough space in front of your house then you must plan for landscaping. Here some tips that will help you to gather more idea about “how to create attractive front yard? or how to increase the beauty of front yard?”.

1. One should first plan for the central point. Having a focal point garden is necessary. Not only in the garden but also in everywhere needs a focal point to increase the beauty.

2. Then fixed the function. What did you want to achieve from here? Frist think that.

3. If there was enough space then one must plan for the large lawn. It will look more attractive as well as beneficial for the environment.

4. Plant all seasons plants because it will make variety besides your lawn will look active all the season or over the year. And if you research more then you will find different color shrubs and also a plant that will bloom in winter.

5. Create a movement space or walkway. Because a garden without walkway will look like a painting. So, a walkway is necessary for a garden.

6. Most important thing is to maintain or create a balance of the color of plants. And must create a lawn according to your homes styles. Because it will give you regal feeling.

For gathering more knowledge about it you should inquiry a lot about it. But before investing money for landscaping, make sure that your own design will worth it. If there any doubt about it then you must consult a designer for the better result.