Kitchen Cabinet Design in Bangladesh

Kitchen is a soul of a house. Because everyday starts with kitchen and ends with kitchen. A house we cannot imagine without kitchen. And a comfortable kitchen is essential. But many fail to design or plan for a comfortable as well as attractive kitchen for the lacking of designing knowledge. You may find many kitchen design ideas from Google, Pinterest, and many other sources but it will not much help for everyone because only few will match with the taste of a person. If you want a kitchen according to your taste then you must research a lot or can consult a designer because a designer can make a design according to ones and can easily make that design attractive.

Kitchen Cabinet Design in Bangladesh
Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Design in Bangladesh

Now I’m going to tell some tips that must be followed by everyone if one wants to have a comfortable and attractive kitchen.

Think ago: First one should think about the function of the kitchen. Which parts she needs first. And then think about the shape of the kitchen. What shape one prefers most U-shape or L-shape? And then think about the placement of sink, fridge, and cooktop.

Plan for enough storage: Many don’t think or plan for enough storage while designs. It is the biggest mistake of kitchen designing. One may make storage top of the ceiling rather than leaving the gap on there. One may make deep drawers for keeping pans, pots, and appliances.

Lighting: Soft shades light is more suitable for small kitchen cabinet because this color light expands the area and also good for large kitchen cabinet because it makes the room more attractive. Natural light is also good for kitchen. You can also use dimmers light to enhance the kitchen’s beauty. Dimmer light is used by many people at dinner time or dinner party because this type of light has a power to keep the environment calm.

Space and surface: Kitchen counter space must need to be broad. And choose a surface for kitchen cabinet that is easy to work and clean. Tiles are quite tough to take care of and stainless-steel catches scratch easily. So, one should choose the surface that is easy to clean because clean kitchen means healthy kitchen which is must be needed.

Safety: Kitchen safety is very essential. One should choose a design that will be safe. Safe kitchen design means slip-resistant floor and set up microwave oven at an adult height. and safe kitchen reduces the possibility of burn accidents.

Clear the air: One should install a hood range that will help you to ventilate the cooking odors and keeps the kitchen air fresh.

Create garbage’s place: Making the plan for a place where you can throw trash and for recycling it. You must need the separate place for both to keep. It is better to create a place for garbage behind the door and for recycling bins you may use a drawer.

Right height for microwave: Microwave’s height must be at adult height. And it must be out-of-reach of kids for avoiding burn accident. And it is better to place a microwave at 15 inches above the countertop. This height is safe and suitable.

Determine the island’s function: If you want dining area and cooking area at the same place then it is good to separate the cooktop from the dining area if there has enough space.

Plug it in: Use multiple outlets on kitchen island’s so that you can get electricity at kitchen where you need.

Arrange the range: You may place a shelf behind or beside the cooktop to keep cooking oils, utensils, and spices handy for the ease of work. You can also use S-shape hook for hanging frequently used pans.

Suitable countertops plan: Who loves to cook, needs more counter space between sink and range. And those who cooks rarely or prepare small meals don’t need much space on the countertop. So, before planning for kitchen design one must think what kind of chef he/she is.

Keep space or create a specific place for small accessories: A specific place for small accessories is essential because from a specific place you can easily find them when you need.

Make space for keeping snacks: Plan for a space where you can store snacks. And this place must at reach of kids.

Kitchen furniture and storage space or drawers material: Don’t buy an old furniture because you may save money by this but it will make the kitchen room looking dull and lifeless. One can use multi-use table for saving space. Multi-use tables are very useful in small kitchen. In multi-use tables, one can store their things in tables drawers and also use the table as dining table. Natural materials are good for making kitchen counter drawers because it looks good but you can choose any material and its color matched with other furniture of your home but before finalizing the material, you need to get suggestion from an expert designer.

If you consider the above matter for designing a kitchen cabinet then you will be able to have a kitchen as your taste and also modern. But before finalizing any design you must think about the easy movement of anyone. The kitchen is very important for every human being. We cannot spend a day without using a kitchen.