Office Interior Design in Bangladesh

An office is the most important place for every human being. Every single person needs to go to the office for his livelihood. People spend almost 50 hours a week at a workplace. So, the office interior design must be perfect, attractive and comfortable. If the office internal atmosphere is not comfortable and attractive then the employee will not enjoy their working moment. And it is very important to make the workplace comfortable for the employee and also for clients. Most of the people think and believe that “going to office or workplace is a punishment”.

There has some reason behind of that thinking and these reasons are- tedium color, implacable lighting and oldfangled design of the internal environment. So, the office internal environment must be attractive, comfortable and always exciting to the employee. And a comfortable and exciting workplace gives an extra energy or power to the employee. While the workplace is exciting, the employee enjoys their work instead of thinking it punishment. So, every office should be designed in focusing on the matter and make the workplace comfortable and encouraging or inspiring.

Here some tips that will help you to make the office internal atmosphere pleasing and inspiring for the workers and also give the office a modern look.

Function: One must design the office internal environment functionally. Every office is created in different purposes. So, one must design his office according to his work purposes or function. It is important to select what you need first or what is most important. If one designed his office functionally then it will look better and also beneficial for all, especially for the owner. But before planning for the design or finalizing any design one should bear in mind that there must have a smooth and easy workflow and movement.

Lighting: A person spends almost 8 hours in a day in office. It is near half of the day. So, normally he/she needs extra energy to work with the same speed until the working hour’s end. Lights play an important role in giving energy. So, one should select lighting very carefully. Natural light gives extra strength than any other artificial lights. So, one should use large windows like floor-to-ceiling windows for more natural light. Huge scope for natural light also saves the electrical bill. And in a conference room, perfect placement of LED lights is essential because it is very important room for the whole office.

Color: Choosing the color for office is not an easy task. We cannot use any color in office as our wish. A neutral color is best suited for the office. But it is not the only choice. You can also use light colors such as sky blue and white. Sky blue and white color keep the environment calm and this two-color also has a professional look. As we know, color has a great impact on people’s mind so one should a color that gives energy and keep everyone’s mind fresh.

Office furniture: Before selecting any furniture for office, one must think “how to maintain a smooth workflow and movement and what furniture design will help to maintain the easy movement of people?”. And after selecting the suitable furniture design, one must think about the furniture color. All the furniture’s color must be same to maintain the office internal environment modern and attractive. You may buy different color furniture at cheap rate but in those pieces of furniture, your office will look lifeless.

So, it will be better for you to buy furniture at same color for keeping the internal environment brighten. Since a man stays in office for almost 8 hours in a day in front of the computer and it may cause back pain for the person if the chair is not comfortable for the back. So, for giving safety to the employee one must choose a comfortable chair for his office. And the tables or desks must have many drawers because in office many files come in a day and these files must be kept in a specific and safe place. So, tables with many drawers are essential for every office or commercial place.

Reception: Since reception appear first in the people’s eyes when they enter in an office so, the reception must be fascinating. And the light of the reception must be perfect and branded.

Conference or meeting room: Conference room is the most important place or room in an office so, it must be designed very perfectly to make it attractive to the client. So, the table of the conference room must not too large or too small because very large table create an obstacle in smooth movement and very small table changes the whole design of the room and make it dull. So, one must choose a perfect size table for the meeting room by consulting a designer. And the conference room’s chair must be comfortable for sitting and one should use LED light for the meeting room. Since meeting room is the most important place of an office so, the design of this room must be perfect and comfortable from rest of the room.

Break-out space or recreational room: Break-out space doesn’t mean a place where an employee can lunch, it must be a place where the employee can relax, chat with each other or exchange their thought. And it is very important for the employee to relax for a while. Because relaxing makes one mind more active than before. You may place table-games, TV, bookshelf with many different books and magazines for giving enjoyment to the employee.

Keep things neat and clean: Cleanness is essential in a workplace. Untidy environment makes everyone mind sick. And a healthy mind must be needed for working. So, one must ensure a healthy and clean environment for the employee. For keeping office environment, one can place dustbin beside every desk and every room.

Branding: Interior design of anything describes ones personal style or taste. So, one should choose the interior design carefully to brand it.

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The above tips were for the large space office. If you maintain or follow this then you will surely get an amazing, attractive, modern and comfortable interior environment.

But if the space of office is small then you must remember these two things-
1. An angular reception.
2. Multi-tasking room.

Other things like lighting, color, furniture, cleanness, branding, recreational room, conference rooms criteria will be same.