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master Plan Design

Master Plan Design in Bangladesh

A outlines frameworks & principles of design used to change a shape of a certain location is called a master plan. Master plan design not only can change a shape of a place but also it can play a role to change the culture of the place. There are a lot of examples available out there in the history. In another way we can say, the master plan is a long time future plan for a place that will use for the vision of public’s welfare & protection. Such as:

  • The place used for the master plan can develop the whole city communications & business.
  • It helps to improve the density of a location of the city.
  • Make an opportunity to enhance some facilities by using space, some recreational place & other facilities.
  • Safekeeping of some historical places for another important reason.
  • The economic situation of the area can be improved. etc

The master plan is mainly two types:

1. Strategic master plan
2. Project master plan

Master plan design guideline: For achieving success in any kind of work you should maintain some rules, protocol system & guidelines. Depending on the situation & the environment the planning guideline can vary. As like architectural guideline, landscape guideline, campus, but there is some guideline which is common in every kind of master plan. They are explained below –

1. The core of the place: Plan should make by keeping in mind about the main core of the place. The core means the vision of the architecture. If it’s a historical place so the history will be the core of the place. The main infrastructure will build the theme of the history of that place.

2. Limitation of the area: What you build the plan should be properly measured. So that measuring the area is one of the main parts of the planning guideline. If the structure blueprint makes without any kind of measuring so it won’t be able to provide any worth to the investment of time or money both.

3. Creating a walkable place: Whatever the planning for, you should have to keep the place for spacious walking place. It helps to make walking comfortably for the visitors. It’s not the end, it also increases the beauty of the whole structure.

4. Gathering places: In the whole structure, an architecture should keep the place for people gathering. If the gathering places enhance in a place so the visitor also increased time by time. So it’s important to increase the number of places for gathering.

5. Natural features: People is a nature lover. In the place where nature shows her natural beauty people gather to enjoy the charming beauty & for passing a quality time with their friends, family or loved ones.

6. Open spaces: Open space can make a person feel comfortable. It helps to not to fell congested. An open place also can be used later if anything needs to be added.

7. Sustainability: The sustainability is one of the major facts of anything. The structure or the natural things should be managed carefully to extend its sustainability. In the meantime, people’s life depends on the sustainability of the infrastructure.

8. Mark the edge: The boundary of the area should be bounded by edges. It helps to keep safe from misuse of any places.

Master plan architecture: The way of achieving a goal of an organization’s target by making this, in reality, is called master plan. The master plan generally is a unique idea of an architectural organization. It is a structure which doesn’t match with any other structure of the world. For architectural master planning, it demands very good skill on architecture, creativity & punctilious attention. There should be well meaningful details in the structure that can expose the vision of the architecture.

Master planning process in architecture: The architecture planning process is the main part of the planning. On this sector the whole project’s result depends. The guideline of the project should apply in this term properly otherwise all effort will go in vain. The process has mainly 3 rules or steps whatever you want to say. They are –

1. Prepare
2. Define
3. Design

Prepare: Preparation is the very first step of any work. One’s should gather the initial information & documents of the area, plans & other necessary orders. Sometimes it varies depending on the project of which the company working on.

Define: Defining the context appraisal. The designer should understand how the plan will work, How the baseline will work. What is the constraints of the work, what opportunities they will get, and finally build up a team that has enough range to overcome the situations to complete the whole project

Design: It is the most important part of the project because it should not match with any of the other structure including in the world. The architectural value is the design of the structure. Design divided into also some parts, as like the streets, highway, public realm, open spaces etc. The way to the structure should be made by good planning also.

Master plan landscape design: The landscape designing is one of the most popular parts of master planning. Landscape master planning is building an apartment or house for your land with a unique design. For the landscape design, it’s necessary to maintain the specialty of the design & that should meet the requirements of the client.

The landscape project design is build based on the customer needs & desire. Sometimes the whole project can be bigger than the single apartment or house, it builds a society. So before going through the stuff, the architecture company should understand the limit, situations & opportunities of the area in which they are working on.

Architect Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Architect Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh