Multi-purpose hall view 01
Exterior Design 03
Exterior Design 02
Exterior Design 01
Multi-purpose hall view 02
Multi-purpose hall view 03
Multi-purpose hall view 04
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Multi-purpose hall view 06

Boat Club CBC

Date December 2014
LocationDhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
ClientFour Seasons

Using spaces in the best way is called interior design. It’s become an essential part of our day to day life. It affects our lifestyle. Interior design includes comfortable home beautiful public spaces & functional workplaces. Apartment designing is one of the most popular places.

The designer of the interior is mostly used for apartment designing. Some people say interior design is so easy to do but actually, it’s not. Some of the best interior designers show it in the easy way as it looks easier but actually interior design required a vast amount of technical knowledge and skills for the best result. Interior designing is not only design & make the proper use of the spaces. It also shows the taste of the person & makes a visual of his/her personality.