Interior Design in Bangladesh

What is Interior Design?

Interior design and architecture is an art and science of planning or designing a stylish structure for achieving a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment and also making it functionally efficient for the end user. For making any interior design, one has to require knowledge about design and technology concepts such as construction, material, landscape, space design, conservation, services and adaptive re-use.

An interior design is an architectural design but not all architectural design is interior design. There exists some difference between architectural design and interior design. Architectural design is concerned with the process of construction. It surrounds all aspects of planning, designing, and execution by following the architectural rules and regulations. It is usually focused on the exterior design of a building but the interior design is mainly focused on the internal structure. Interior design is planned for making the internal structure usable, healthier, attractive and comfortable to the user.

On the other hand, many people think that interior design and interior decoration is same. But no, there is also some difference between interior design and decoration. Decoration means making something beautiful but the design means planning for a structure to make it unique and amazing.

Interior Design in Bangladesh

Interior architectural design is the knowledge and ability to apply the design concept to create a most satisfying environment. So, we can say that interior design is the process of giving the shape of internal space through manipulating of spatial volume as well as surface treatment for the betterment of human functionality.

Houses represent our individual taste and habit like fish’s shell and bird’s nest. So, the internal design of the house is most important.

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Commercial Interior Design

In the mid of 19th century, interior design services expanded greatly in the middle class in industrial countries. In the 1950s and 1960s, the interior designer began to expand their business remits. They started to frame their business more broadly and in artistic terms. And they also started advertising their furnishing to the public. After that the demand for interior design becoming popular. And to meet with the growing demand for the interior projects such as offices, hotels and public buildings, this business became much larger and more complex. Then the firm began to publish the catalogs with prints in different styles to attract the attention of middle-class people. This is how the demand for commercial interior design is expended. And now all construction and building are made with an attractive interior design. Because the internal look of a house, office, and hotels are most important.

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Color in Interior Design

Color is the most important and powerful designing tool of any design. And if the color comes with the interior design then it must be chosen very carefully. Because the perfect color combination makes a design more attractive and gives the design an extraordinary look. So, the interior designer must have the better knowledge about color and its psychological effects on human being. It is easy to choose a color for our living room or office. Because we usually choose our favorite color.

In many cases it becomes successful but most of the cases it fails because we don’t think about the effects of the color for our daily life while choosing a color. And the most important matter that we forget to consider is “will the color have a perfect combination of our home and office style? “. Since many people don’t have perfect color sense so we usually fail in this color choosing task for the internal environment of homes or offices. But an interior designer has very good knowledge about the suitable color combination, its psychological effects and the most significant matter is ” what color will help to get the desired result? “. As color has the power to change the mood of a person hence we must be very careful to choose any color. Some color gives us energy, cheer, make us feel safe, calm, relax and some color depresses and irritates us. And only a few people know about the color’s psychological effects.

So, if one has no idea about the color’s psychological effects then he/she should get the suggestion from an expert designer. So, we can say that color has the most important role for making an internal environment attractive, healthier and comfortable.

Interior design ideas for modern homes

A beautiful decorated internal atmosphere not only functions well but also it creates a mood or a feeling and shows of the personality and taste of the family living there. Before selecting any internal or interior design, spend some time to think about your family and living style. For getting ideas and inspiration look through magazines and choose the decorative things and color very carefully because a little thing can bring a great change in whole design. Modern interior design normally spread out from the 1950s in the middle-class people. And now this modern style is adopted by the people of all over the world. Now I am going to tell you some important functions that must be needed for standard and modern interior design.

The focal or central point: Most of the room have natural focal point such as a fireplace, a bay window with a view, even a built-in bookcase. If a room doesn’t have any natural focal point when one must create it with a dynamic piece of art or a colorful area blanket.

The furniture and its arrangement: If a furniture is too large or too small for the size of the room then one must change that furniture and bring a furniture that will satisfy one’s desired plan for the internal area. And for arranging the furniture at a suitable place of the room then one should draw the room on graph paper that is called floor plan and then measure and mark the electrical outlets and switches, vents, windows, and doors. Then measure the furniture pieces and place it on your floor plan. Usually, the main furniture is conducted towards the central point. One should balance high and low, heavy and light pieces around the room.

Color cues and theme: Color must be matched with the theme. One can choose the room’s theme according to his wish or something that he/she like or love the most. It’s easy to choose a theme for a room but it is quite tough to choose the color matched with the theme. One can choose these three categories color for getting an amazing internal atmosphere. A dominant color which is normally used in walls, carpeting and fabric background. A secondary color that can be used in fabrics and accessories. And an accent color that is used in the room to give energy and excitement to the room. One should select a color very carefully because color has a great impact on mood changing.

The lighting: Lighting should be selected according to the activities of the room as well as for the visual appeal. There are two types of lighting such as direct lighting and indirect lighting. Direct lighting has usually come from a lamp and indirect lighting simply brightens the room for conversation or TV watching. Lighting has the great impact on visualizing the color and texture.

Texture: Too many smooth, shiny objects or too much rustic texture makes the internal environment tiresome. So, for making the room interesting, variety should be kept. Since the internal design or decoration represents ones personality and taste, so one should very careful for choosing any design for the room. And this task if choosing the interior design is done perfectly by a skilled designer. Sometimes we may fail to decorate or give an amazing look to our rooms but a designer will never fail in this task. Because a designer has enough knowledge of interior design.

Interior designer and the demand for an interior designer: A person who plans, researchers, coordinates and manage for achieving a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment is called an interior designer. An interior designer knows that there should give more accent on planning, functional design and effective use of space for internal decoration. An interior designer has a good understanding of technical issues like windows and door positioning, acoustics and lighting. He/she has a good sense of color.

As the main purpose of interior design is to make the internal environment safe, functional, healthy and comfortable so an interior designer must be highly skilled otherwise he/she will not gain success in this sector. Only a designer can make your dream house or home true because only a designer knows how to make ones dream effectively true in an efficient way. And with his skill, a designer can easily make the internal environment comfortable. And we all want a comfortable place for living. So, the demand for the interior designer is increasing day by day.